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I was recently prompted to consider why I love what I do.  I started to really think deeper about it than just the "well I love to take photo's."  My daughter has always been my inspiration.  From the time she was born and each stage of her life so far I have documented with photos.  But it dawned on me that I am not in many of them with her.  And, now we have 2 more kiddos and I'm not in many of those photos either.  I realize so much that it is so important for us as women and moms to EXIST in our family photos!  And go beyond that, take the time to document our own lives!  So why I do what I do is because I want to make all women realize and see how beautiful they are to their families.  Erase those insecurities.  Our kids don't care how much we weigh, they just want to see mom in the picture!  I love capturing each stage of life.  From the day the knot is tied to cuddling your sweet babies as you become a new family in your home, to seeing those babies graduate high school. But my absolute favorite thing, is giving other women, moms, grandmothers a whole day of feeling the most beautiful they have ever felt!  You deserve it!  I can do this for you, any age, any stage.  You need to celebrate who you are NOW.  I am so passionate about it that I feel like I could write forever on how amazing we as women are and how much we need to document our own lives.   I invite you to come let me show you your beauty!  No excuses, let's do it!  Your children will thank you!

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