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Jacksonville family photographer - Alligator kiss

Spring is springing here in Jacksonville, FL!  The gator was out swimming in the pond and the boys love to sit and watch him.  Here is baby H going in for a gator smooch.  (Not really, no babies were injured in the making of this photo.)  We have now been in Florida for 1 year.  I have loved every minute of it, especially the short not so cold winter.  Even now in February the kids are back in the pool (even though it is a tad chilly) and the spring sunshine is warm and unleashing the pollen!  I wouldn't trade it.  Speaking of spring and warmness..... if you're in the Orange Park or Jacksonville, FL area and are ready for your spring portrait session, guess who has sessions open!!! Me!  Break out the Easter threads and let's capture this season of life.  Maybe I'll bring the baby gator (totally kidding, of course!)


Snow Angel | Orange Park Fl Family Photographer - Melissa McVey Photography

tween snow portrait - jacksonville teen photographer.png

Remember that time it almost snowed here in Jacksonville?  I think we had some frost on the ground and my plants died because I forgot to cover them.  I've been in the Jacksonville area for almost a year and so far I do NOT miss the snow or cold weather at all.   It isn't supposed to snow in Florida, right?!   Well, this image is of my sweet angel girl when we were living in Detroit.  I miss her being shorter than me.  And I miss that age where she was just about smart enough to understand the world but still believed in fairies.  Man, the difference a few years makes.  I love the young lady she is becoming, but moms, hold onto your babies, because before you know it they are looking you eye to eye.  Also, let me add, as much as I love looking at pretty snow, I am super happy to now be a Floridian.  We felt like Florida was home years and years before we ever got to live here.  Go Jags!!


It's a beautiful day! | Jacksonville, FL Family Photographer

Wouldn't you love to spend an afternoon having a true photoshoot with your babies, dressing up, laughing, and spending time enjoying each other while someone else takes care of all of the other details?  We make this fun.  We laugh.  We eat.  We dress you up.  We make your hair and makeup beautiful.  We pose you and direct you.  We make sure hugs, smiles and sillies are included.  Then we put it all together in an incredible package for you.  A family session is just one of the many types of sessions Melissa McVey Photography offers either in studio or on location.  We will work together to make a session to remember and then provide you with a stunning piece of artwork to hang on your wall to cherish forever. 

So you want your very own gorgeous folio box for your portraits, huh....

Imagine this gorgeous box chalk full of your amazing portraits!  So you had an amazing Photo Shoot, you bought the perfect outfits, you had your hair and makeup professionally done, you spent a few hours with me shooting the most beautiful images of yourself that you've ever seen and then you get to TAKE THIS HOME WITH YOU!!!! I won't judge you if you want to sleep with it and carry it literally everywhere you go with you to show it off.  The craftsmanship of this folio box is amazing.  Seriously.  It is soft and lined with soft black velvet.  Your beautiful portraits are matted in 11x14 mats and nestled for safekeeping inside this handcrafted keepsake box.  Once you hold it, you won't want to let it go.  I didn't.  Email me or give me a call today and find out how you can get one of your very own!

Is it Family Portrait time?

Spring has sprung!  The weather is perfect!  And it is time to update your walls with a new portrait of your family!  I don't know about you but it seems like every year brings so many changes to our family.  We all look a little different and the kids are all noticeably taller....and older!  How does that happen so fast?!  I love going back through our pictures and literally watching their features change even just over a couple of months time.  So, if it has been a year or more since you've had family pictures taken it's time to call me.  You never know what this year is going to bring. 

I love, love, love photographing families.  I love watching them get to interact with each other and just enjoy each other being in the moment.  Taking an hour or two to just be together without distraction.  I always suggest planning an outing together after the shoot.  It is so hard to get everyone together for an evening, so take advantage of it.


Tower Hill Plantation Wedding in Pineville, SC

Tower Hill Plantation in Pineville, SC might just be one of the quaintest little wedding venues around Charleston, SC that I've seen!  I was so privileged to shoot Amanda and Kyle's wedding here last year.  They kept it simple yet romantic and the scenery set the stage for a beautiful ceremony with the live oaks and Spanish moss decorating the backdrop.  The breeze was perfect and it was just so serene!  Congratulations to you both.  I'm blessed to know you and your precious babies!  This venue was also awarded a little write up with the South Carolina Picture Project by SCIWAY.  Here is the article link.



To Headshot or Not to Headshot: Who's the face of your business?

I should take my own advice here.  It's on my to do list.  So, the question is.......What kind of picture is representing your business?  If you own your own business you NEED a professional headshot to be the face of your advertising.  Whether that advertising is Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, a website, your business cards or maybe you work for a company that uses your picture on their website like realtors, stylists in a salon, sales of any sort, we all need our best face forward.  No more selfies with a horrid filter that adds flowers, sparkles or blown out skin that makes you unrecognizable. 

Here's the deal.  You want to look professional, friendly, approachable, and trustworthy.  People will be summing you up just based on how you appear.  Not fair?  Nope, it's not but it is what it is.  People do it every day even when they don't mean to.  We are looking for people that look like we can relate with.  So, while you may be amazingly fun to go out with on a Friday night, let's leave the bar selfies to your private pages.  Invest the time and extra money into a great professional headshot that will represent you well.  If it brings in one awesome client, then it has paid for itself.  Right? Right! 

Now since I said it, I need to go do it.  Photographers are the worst subjects to get in front of a lens!

Here is my latest personal branding session!  If you're in Jacksonville or Fleming Island, FL or surrounding areas, call me for your personal branding session!

Here is my latest personal branding session!  If you're in Jacksonville or Fleming Island, FL or surrounding areas, call me for your personal branding session!