Jacksonville family photographer - Alligator kiss

Spring is springing here in Jacksonville, FL!  The gator was out swimming in the pond and the boys love to sit and watch him.  Here is baby H going in for a gator smooch.  (Not really, no babies were injured in the making of this photo.)  We have now been in Florida for 1 year.  I have loved every minute of it, especially the short not so cold winter.  Even now in February the kids are back in the pool (even though it is a tad chilly) and the spring sunshine is warm and unleashing the pollen!  I wouldn't trade it.  Speaking of spring and warmness..... if you're in the Orange Park or Jacksonville, FL area and are ready for your spring portrait session, guess who has sessions open!!! Me!  Break out the Easter threads and let's capture this season of life.  Maybe I'll bring the baby gator (totally kidding, of course!)