Orange Park Photographer - Pinterest Board

I wanted to share a quick screen shot of a couple of my pinterest boards.  This one can be found here.  Check it out for links to my pins.  It is my kids couture clothing board.  I love Anna Triant Couture, Tutu du Monde, Well Dressed Wolf, and anything European styled.  One thing that can make or break a session is clothing choice.  I love clothes that are a classic design.  Classic styles never age or date.  They will remain timeless and the portrait will have a wow factor.  The outfit choice may not be what you would wear out on your normal day.  But that is what makes it special.  You want to style to fit you and what you love, but kicking it up a few notches.  Don't be afraid to try very formal gowns or bow ties on the boys.  If you want to try out a gown but don't want to purchase one that you may not wear again, renting is always a great option.  I can help you with that and know of several places to rent gowns and dresses for ladies and girls.  Believe it or not, Target has some great choices for boys looks.  One thing I like to do is to go over your wardrobe in our consultation.  I will actually come to your house if you would like and we can go through your closet.  I also have a wardrobe in my studio for clients to borrow from.  Don't be afraid to dress up!!  I promise it will make all the difference in the look of your portraits!