tween snow portrait - jacksonville teen photographer.png

Remember that time it almost snowed here in Jacksonville?  I think we had some frost on the ground and my plants died because I forgot to cover them.  I've been in the Jacksonville area for almost a year and so far I do NOT miss the snow or cold weather at all.   It isn't supposed to snow in Florida, right?!   Well, this image is of my sweet angel girl when we were living in Detroit.  I miss her being shorter than me.  And I miss that age where she was just about smart enough to understand the world but still believed in fairies.  Man, the difference a few years makes.  I love the young lady she is becoming, but moms, hold onto your babies, because before you know it they are looking you eye to eye.  Also, let me add, as much as I love looking at pretty snow, I am super happy to now be a Floridian.  We felt like Florida was home years and years before we ever got to live here.  Go Jags!!