The wedding experience

Fleming Island and Jacksonville FL wedding photographer

Jacksonville and orange park, FL

and surrounding areas

Let me share something really quick.....keep reading!
     I have been married for 17 years now.  Let me tell you, that time has FLOWN by in a flash.  It still feels like yesterday and 3 kids ago.  Talk about forever ago.....okay, okay so in a way it feels like yesterday and then again it feels like a lifetime ago.  But every anniversary we get out the photo album and laugh at how funny my hair was and how young he looks (bc we both know I still look that young!)  and then how little our flower girl was because no way she is almost 20 now.  And then there are the grandparents and his step-dad that are no longer with us, and friends that were so close that have moved away and aren't so close anymore.  All of our memories are a little muddled of the actual day itself but with each photograph it comes back a little more.  We laugh, I tear up, and we remember, then we close the book and kiss and realize that our photo album is what we have left from the best day of our lives.  It has the best pictures we own of most of our family.  I truly do treasure it and it is on the list of what I would grab if I had 5 minutes to grab anything I could from the house in an emergency (after the kids and the cat of course)!  
I share all that to say that I don't want any bride to miss out on having that for themselves.  I have been racking my brain on what I can share with you about my beliefs and style and mission as a wedding photographer.  I can honestly say it is the most important money you can spend for your wedding.  It doesn't matter if you're eloping or going all out black tie and the whole 9 yards.  Have a trusted and experienced wedding photographer by your side to capture those moments for you.  You'll thank yourself later.  And, so will your mom.  

My Style.....

Classic | Beautiful | Documentary

I deliver all of the classic shots brides are looking for, I can make a cluttered room full of leftover party trays, wadded up tissues,  empty wine and champagne bottles, and empty shoe boxes still look beautiful while I'm capturing some of those precious detailed shots of you getting ready with your girls, and my style is to just hang back and document the majority of the day without being intrusive to what is happening in the moment.  Don't worry, I've got all those styled and posed shots covered as well.  I document it all!


"Your Once in a Lifetime moment starts here."

Most brides contact me about 6-12 months from their wedding date.  At this time we will schedule a consultation together.  I will meet you for a coffee date or a skype call and I will get to know all of your wedding details and wishes for your day! I will tell you a little about my experience and you can tell me all about how you want your wedding photographs to look.  It is all about your vision for your day.    I give you my welcome guide and package information and then we book your date and schedule your engagement or bridal portrait session!  

Throughout the time leading up to your wedding day we will talk vendors, venues and timelines.  As your wedding photographer I will be with you for your whole day.  It's my job to know what's happening next and who is where and when they need to be there.  Especially if you aren't working with a wedding coordinator, I will be your resource for the day.  If you need someone to crowd control your bridal suite while you have a moment with your girls or if your fiancé cannot tie his tie (hey, it happens), I will be there!   Details, details, details!  There are so many details on your wedding day.  I will capture them all so you will be able to look back on them for years and years to come. 


My bag.......  In case you are a gear guru and want to peek in my bag.....This is what I carry and why I have a rolling bag with me. That thing gets heavy!  I am a Canon girl and I carry at least 1 back up.  I also use 2 or 3 zoom lenses and at least 2 primes for details and portraits.  I use speed lights and sometimes a modifier or umbrella for when it gets dark.  And then, batteries, batteries, and more batteries!  I go through quite a few in one day! 

Let's talk destinations!  The south eastern United States offers some of the most beautiful landscape in the country PERFECT for a dream wedding.  If you are getting hitched in Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA, Jacksonville, FL, all the way down the beautiful Florida coast and all of the pretty little spots in between, I'd love to be there with you capturing your day!   Is your destination further away?  Let's talk!  (Have passport, will travel!)